Close Dependent Relative Nominee

Woman filling in nominee form

Before the member’s death they may have nominated a close dependent relative to receive a pension. This could only be done if the member was unmarried/ not in a partnership or relationship.

They were able to nominate a parent, step-parent, brother or sister, provided that they and the nominee were unmarried, widowed, not a civil partner or cohabiting with another person as husband and wife or as civil partners. The nominee must have been wholly or mainly financially dependent on the member.

If they marry, register as a civil partner, or have an unmarried partner who meets the requirements above, the nomination of a close dependent relative ends. It also ends if they die, marry or otherwise stop being dependent on the member.

Members must keep nominations up to date. When any application for a pension is received, checks will be undertaken to ensure that the relevant criteria are met.

Last Updated: 09/10/2023 10:31


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