Death grant

Holding hands for to comfort loss of loved one

In the event of a member’s death a death grant may be payable. A death grant is a one off payment, calculated based on whether the member was in or out service at the time of their death. If they were already in receipt of their pension this will also impact the entitlement to a death grant.

The member was able to nominate any person/s to receive their death grant. If they hadn’t made a nomination before their death the death grant will be paid to the member’s spouse, civil partner or qualifying partner (providing relevant conditions are met). The conditions for a qualifying partner don’t need to be met for payment of the death grant if a death grant nomination has been made.

If a death grant nomination hasn’t been made and there is no spouse, civil partner or qualifying surviving partner (i.e. the qualifying criteria for an unmarried partner have not been met) the death grant will be paid to the member’s estate.

Last Updated: 09/10/2023 10:29


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