Guidance on completing the form

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Explanations of terms used in the form are listed below. For information on appropriate documentation, please read our page on providing documents.

Question: Are you acting on behalf of a named beneficiary as the nominated Power of Attorney?

If you're acting on behalf of a beneficiary and you have Power of Attorney, select Yes. If you don't have Power of Attorney you'll need to submit one to process the application unless there's a court of protection.

Question: Are you, to the best of your knowledge, a named beneficiary of the member?

Please confirm you're a beneficiary of the deceased member.

Question: Is there an Interim Full Death Certificate?

An Interim Death certificate is issued whilst an inquest takes place.

Question: Is there a Coroner's Certificate?

A Coroner's certificate informs the registrar that they're aware of the death and no further investigation is necessary and gives permission for a Doctor to issue the Medical Certificate.

Question: Is there a Will?

If you don’t know if there's a Will, select No. Either way, you aren't required to upload it.

Question: Do you intend to or have you already applied for Grant of Probate?

Grant of Probate is required if the Death Grant is more than £5,000. You aren't required to upload it now. Our team will contact you if required.

Question: Was the death during active employment as a teacher?

If the member was working as a teacher at the time of their death, select Yes. If they were retired at the time of their death, select No. If you don't know, select Do not know.

Last Updated: 09/10/2023 10:32


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