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MDC corrections

MDC corrections

  • How do I make a change if a member's record is wrong?

    Select UPDATE (the first column on the Monthly Data Collection (MDC) template), which enables you to overwrite existing data on the member’s record. To overwrite service, you must ensure that either the start or end date provided on the update match the start or end date of the service line which is to be replaced.

  • Why do I keep receiving errors about incorrect personal details during the on-boarding process?

    Please don’t be alarmed if you receive a lot of these errors during the onboarding process. The information you provide for the first three months is updated into our own bespoke test system. It’s likely that some of the information held in the test system is older than the information in the live system. 

    When you transfer into live, these errors will not appear. If an error does appear when live, please review the member’s personal details using the ‘Member Search Functionality’ in the Employer Portal.


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