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MDC submissions

MDC submissions

Our Frequently Asked Questions below will help you answer many of your common questions about submitting your MDC data.
  • Do I still need to complete the Monthly Contributions Return?

    Yes - all employers who are now providing Monthly Data Collection (MDC) returns including contributions amounts must continue to provide us with the monthly contributions tiered breakdown slip by 7th of each month.

    The MDC contributions data is not being utilised to allow Teachers’ Pensions to reconcile back to your payment at this time. We’ll notify employers of any changes to the existing process with contributions breakdown slips well in advance of any future changes.

  • How should I submit data as a Multi Academy Trust MAT?

    Files uploaded to the Employer Portal can either be submitted under the individual establishment number or can use the 751 MAT number data centre. However, the individual establishment number should be used against each line of service within the file.

  • How should I submit data as a Payroll Provider?

    Any files uploaded to the Employer Portal should use the 750 payroll provider number data centre. However, the individual establishment number should be used against each line of service within the file.

  • I went live on Monthly Data Collection (MDC) after May 2017 why would I need to provide backdated service?

    If you have gone live into MDC part way through a financial year, you will need to provide service information for the full year. Backdated service would only need to be provided for those months not covered through your MDC submissions.

  • If I went live on Monthly Data Collection (MDC) from May 2017, do I need to complete an Annual Service Return (ASR) for 2017/2018?

    No, If you have any periods not covered by your MDC returns, you'll need to provide this service information by providing a backdated MDC file. The option to complete an ASR is no longer available.

  • What does the column 'record type' mean?

    An ‘A’ (add) must be inputted for all employees each month. This includes new starters. ‘U’ (update) must only be inputted when providing retrospective service updates.

  • How should I record supply teachers who are not paid in the same month?

    Service has to be recorded as “when worked” and not “when paid”. If a member worked in January but didn’t put a claim in until February, January’s MDC file would need to be recorded as an ‘Add’ line with all days excluded. When the earnings were known in February an ‘update’ line would need to be included for January showing the amount paid. This will then update the member’s record with the correct service.


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