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  • What's Monthly Data Collection (MDC)?

    Teachers’ Pensions has implemented Monthly Data Collection (MDC) for providing service and contribution information, which represents significant benefits to the Scheme, employers and members.

    MDC will be the only method for providing data from April 2018.

  • How do I join Monthly Data Collection (MDC)?

    To join MDC, you'll need to complete the delegation form, which can be found here. This can then be returned to Teachers’ Pensions using the Employer Portal. You will receive confirmation of your delegation form, and be provided with additional information and key milestones.

  • When do I need to send the data?

    The reporting period for Monthly Data Collection (MDC) is based on a calendar month (1st -28th/29th/30th/31st) for all record types. The MDC extract needs to be returned to Teachers’ Pensions by 7th of the next month and errors returned no later than the 30th of the next month.

  • How does April's service need to be recorded on MDC?

    The period over which the growth in an individual’s pension is measured for assessment against the Annual Allowance (AA) is called the Pension Input Period (PIP). For the Teachers’ Pension Scheme this was from 1 April to 31 March, in line with the Scheme financial year. HMRC now requires all pension schemes to be in line with the tax year. The impact on the Teachers’ Pension Scheme is that we require the service submission, for each submission relating to the month of April, starting from 2017, to be split into two lines: one line covering 1 April to 5 April, and one line covering 6 April to 30 April. This will allow Teachers’ Pensions to determine the pension growth in each tax year and produce accurate Pensions Savings Statement for members who are likely to be affected by Annual Allowance charges.

  • Can I submit historical service via MDC?

    This can be submitted using the update facility on MDC. If the service took place before the employer moved to submitting via MDC, then historic missing service can be submitted as a bulk amount of service rather than month by month.

  • What happens if service information has been incorrectly sent in for a period of time after the member left service?

    If service has been sent in for a period of time after the teacher has left i.e teacher left 30th April but service was sent in for May, this cannot be removed on the MDC file, employers would need to email serviceandsalary@teacherspensions.co.uk for this to be amended

  • Does the tier have to be shown on the MDC file?

    There is no requirement to show which tier the member falls under.

  • How to deal with supply teachers who are not paid in the same month?

    Service has to be recorded as “when worked” and not “when paid”. If a teacher was to work in January but not put a claim in till February, when sending over Januarys MDC file this would need to be recorded as an ‘Add’ line with all days excluded and in February when the earnings are known an ‘update’ line would need to be included for January showing the amount paid. This will then update the member’s record with the correct service

  • Why are we asking for the contributions fields to be completed when we are not actually using the information?

    Teachers’ Pensions is working on using MDC as the method for providing this information, however further development work is required and until this is complete the paying in slip is still required. It’s important for employers to fill in these columns to get into the routine of providing this information.

  • Are there any moves to let outsourced providers submit their own MDC?

    If any maintained schools have outsourced from using the LA, the information still needs to be sent to Teachers’ Pensions via the LA, or a single payroll provider as declared by the LA For Academies, the provider can send it directly as the Academy is the Employer under the Teachers’ Pensions Scheme. A delegation form will be required, from the Employer, to provide access for a Payroll provider to submit direct to Teachers’ Pensions.


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