Family leave

Congratulations. Whether you’re a mum or a dad, if you’re receiving contractual or statutory pay during your Maternity, Paternity or adoption leave, then your pensionable service will continue.

Your contributions and benefits will be based on the pay you get while you’re on leave.

Watch our video to find out more about Family Leave and your pension journey.

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To be pensionable you must be receiving at least half your salary or statutory pay or if you’re on sick leave at least half your salary in respect of that employment. If you’re not receiving any pay however, it means you’re no longer in pensionable employment for the purposes of the Scheme.

If you decide not to return to employment after maternity leave, your pensionable employment will stop at the end of your statutory maternity pay or once you’ve stopped receiving any pay. You’ll then be treated as a deferred member.

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