Changes to member details

Accurate record keeping is the most fundamental administrative task within the Teachers' Pension Scheme. As an employer or Payroll Provider, you have the ability to provide changes to personal details using the Employer Portal.

Firstly perform a Member Search via the Employer Portal using a member’s NI Number, Teachers' Pensions Reference number, Date of Birth and/or Name and select Change Personal Details. Provide the correct address details, email address and/or telephone number and select Save.

Once a member has been located a magnifying glass icon will appear next to the member’s name, selecting this will enable you to change the member’s personal details. The change will occur immediately. Please request a Member Print to confirm the details are correct.

You should also encourage members to keep their personal information updated in the secure area My Pension Online (MPO).

Member Prints

Member prints contain information which is currently held at Teachers’ Pensions, including personal details, service details and any elections made by a member. This tool can be used to confirm that changes made to personal details have occurred and to locate any possible errors on the member’s service page. The member print can be downloaded in a PDF format, saved or printed.

Date of Birth Verification

If the Date of Birth of a member is held incorrectly at Teachers’ Pensions, this must be changed by the member providing a copy of the birth certificate as supporting evidence. Once confirmation has been received, the Date of Birth will be changed and verified.

Change to Salary

If a member's salary details change during the financial year, the change will need to be shown on either the Annual Service Return or the TR28 Missing Service Template.

With regards to record keeping requirements, you must normally keep records for at least 6 years from the end of the last company financial year they relate to. However, you may be required to provide retrospective service or make a retrospective change to existing service, which is greater than 6 years in the past. Therefore, the length of time you should keep information (such as service and salary details) may vary.

Service information and personal details may need to be kept for longer in certain cases. How long you retain different categories of data should be based on individual employer/payroll needs. A decision will need to be made based on:

  • The current and future value of the information
  • The costs, risks, and liabilities associated with keeping the information
  • How easy it will be to keep the service details up to date / updated correctly.
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Complete the Notification of change form.

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Take a look at our Employer Portal guide.



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