If a member leaves pensionable service for reasons other than retirement, you should request that your payroll supplier notifies Teachers’ Pensions on their next Monthly Data Collection (MDC) submission. It’s important that this action is taken otherwise a member’s benefits may be incorrectly calculated.

You must direct the member online and remind them to keep their details up to date in the secure member area of the website, My Pension Online (MPO). If the member is leaving because they are not well you should draw their attention to information about ill health retirement. If within two years of leaving pensionable service they are subsequently diagnosed as having an illness that was present when they left service any ill health retirement application will be treated as an in service application.

Will the member be able to take a repayment of their contributions?

If a member is not a re-employed pensioner, has less than 2 years pensionable employment and does not have a previous transfer into the Teachers’ Pension Scheme, they may have a repayment of their contributions. They must complete an application form that is available online, after they have been out of pensionable employment for more than 30 days.

Last Updated: 09/12/2021 16:08


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