New starters

You should check with your payroll team or provider to make sure they know to add the new starter to the monthly file they send to Teachers’ Pensions.

If the new starter decides not to take up their post, it’s important to inform us immediately.

What if I don't know the Teachers' Pensions reference number?

You can find the Teachers' Pensions Reference number by using the Employer Portal.

Firstly, you must log into your Employer Portal account.

Once logged in, you’ll be presented with an Employer Dashboard. On the left hand side of the dashboard there will be an option titled Member Search. Within this function, you will have the ability to search for a member using their Name, Date of Birth and National Insurance Number.

Once you have input the correct search details, you’ll be provided with the member’s Teachers’ Pensions Reference number. Member search also provides you with the ability to amend a member’s personal details and request a member print, so you can see what details Teachers’ Pensions hold on record.

What if they’ve already retired from the Scheme and started work?

Before employing someone, you should check if they’ve previously been a member of the Teachers’ Pension Scheme and if they’re in receipt of retirement benefits. If you employ a retired member you must tell them to inform us immediately. If they don’t it may result in an overpayment of pension. Recovering this overpayment can cause distress and potentially financial difficulties for your employee. This applies whether the employee remains in the Scheme or opts-out for their post-retirement employment.

If your new employee is in receipt of ill-health benefits from the Teachers’ Pension Scheme you need to be satisfied that their health does not stop them re-entering teaching. If they re-enter teaching their benefits will stop so you need to ask them to contact Teachers’ Pensions immediately. If a member received ill-health benefits before 31 March 1997 they’re not eligible to join the Scheme.

If a retired member becomes re-employed after 1 April 2022 they’ll automatically enter the Scheme under the career average scheme and you must deduct contributions unless they decide to opt out.

If the person is receiving premature or Age Retirement final salary benefits, those benefits may be affected by any earnings. This is regardless of whether or not they elect to opt out of the Scheme.

Requesting a member print

To request a member print, you must first log into your Employer Portal account. Once logged in, you will be presented with the Employer Dashboard, where you'll have the ability to select Member Search. After inputting the member’s personal details into the member search and selecting the Search option, you will be provided with the members name and Teachers’ Pensions reference number.

A printer icon shall appear next to the member’s name. Selecting this option will allow you to download a member print. From here you'll have the ability to either print the record, or save to your computer.

What if my new employee is already a scheme member but with another employer before taking up this post ?

You'll need to check if they have opted out of the scheme or have any elections where they were making additional payments. You should ask the new employee but you can confirm their position re pension flexibilities by requesting a member print for a member (see below).

Additional Pension elections are taken to be revoked if a monthly payment is missed and the payment is not made within three months of a written demand to the member. If the member wishes to maintain the election, they'll need to arrange the deductions with their new employer.

Faster Accrual elections are for the employment specified by the member when taking out the election, so any previous election is deemed to be revoked if the member has left that employment. The member can start a new election in the new employment provided they apply within one month of starting that employment.

Buy-out elections are taken to be revoked if a monthly payment is missed and the payment is not made within three months of a written demand to the member. Buy-out elections may also be re-started if the member leaves the Scheme but returns after a break of not more than five years. If the member wishes to maintain the election they will need to arrange the deductions with the new employer.

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