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From October, you’ll be able to use our new Reminder and Checklist report on the Employer Portal, which automatically identifies missing service from your Monthly Data Collection (MDC) submission.

How does it work?

We’ll compare your previous month’s MDC submission (taking into account any new starters or leavers) with the current submission you’ve provided to identify records where a member may have withdrawn from an establishment. We’ll also identify missing withdrawal indicators for the previous two years.

What should you expect?
We’ll email you on the 14th of each month if your MDC submission is missing any service details and withdrawal indicators and let you know what you’ll need to do next to correct this.
We’ll run the report again on the 21st of the month and if a checklist has not been returned, we’ll notify you directly.

Example of the monthly process

A member who appears on October’s MDC file (who was not a leaver) but did not appear on November’s MDC file, would appear on the checklist as potentially missing.

  1. Following submission of your MDC file (each month), the routine will identify any missing members. An email will be issued on the 14th of each month to the service and salary contact at your establishment), informing you that your Checklist is available within the Employer Portal. The routine will also perform the same action on the 21st of each month if a Checklist has not been returned. The notification regarding the checklist will be issued to the school directly (it will not go to your Payroll Provider if this is applicable).
  2. Log into the Employer Portal, select Download a File and here you’ll find the checklist.
  3. The checklist will work in the same way as a normal MDC error file. You’re able to make amendments within the Checklist and re upload to the Employer Portal. Do not change the file name; it must be kept the same.
  4. If a member appears on the checklist that has left your establishment, please provide the withdrawal indicator (w) on the file. It’s important to notify us when a member leaves.
  5. The Checklist will only identify missing records from the current month’s MDC file. It will not review missing service for previous months.
  6. If there’s no missing service on your MDC file, you’ll not receive a reminder or checklist.

Withdrawals on the first checklist

You may find that the first checklist received contains information for members who may have left your establishment or moved schools within the last two years. This is because the member does not have a withdrawal indicator present at the date they left.

If  members move between establishments in a LA / MAT as a result of a contractual change / taking up a new employment, you must provide a withdrawal indicator for the old employment (school A) and contractually enrol the employee for the new employment (school B).

Without the withdrawal indicator our MDC checklist will report that there’s missing service from school A. Furthermore, as annual Faster Accrual elections are by employment, a Faster Accrual election for service at school A will cease and a new Faster Accrual election will be required (if the member so wishes) in respect of service for the remaining scheme year at school B.

Last Updated: 27/09/2018 15:29


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