What should I expect?

We’ll email the service and salary contact on the 14th of each month if your previous month’s MDC submission does not contain a service record for each member deemed as in ‘Active Employment’.

Two files may be generated for you to investigate, one containing the members with non-submitted service from the previous month’s MDC submission and one containing any outstanding errors from the previous month’s MDC submission.

We’ll run the report again on the 21st of the month and if we can still identify non-submitted service for members deemed as in ‘Active Employment’ in the previous month, a further email and Checklist file(s) will be issued to you.

If by the 28th of the month we can still identify non-submitted service, one of our MDC team may be in contact to offer support in supplying this.

Last Updated: 10/06/2024 15:20


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