Missing service

The Monthly Data Collection (MDC) template can be used if a member needs a retrospective change to their service and salary details.

It can be found on the Employer Portal located under the Templates section of the Employer Dashboard.

Where service is missing, an “A” (Add) line can be used to input new information. If it’s an update to existing service, a “U” (update) line can be used. Any changes can be submitted along with your monthly return or at any point during the month.

The MDC template can also be used to amend retrospective service and amend salaries.

For example, if a member received a backdated pay award in November, starting from September, you’d be required to submit a “U” line for September and October as well as an “A” line for November in your November file.

If the service and salary details that need updating were prior to on-boarding to MDC, either the MDC template or a TR28 template can be used. Multiple members can be provided on a single TR28 template.

Please read the MDC Guidance and Error Codes document (PDF, 619 KB) (This link opens in a new window) for greater clarity on service updates.

Once the MDC template has been uploaded, you can request a Member Print to confirm the service has been updated.

Last Updated: 09/12/2021 16:00


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