As part of the Transitional Protection changes some members may be eligible for Ill-health retirement assessment under both career average and final salary scheme rules.

Your Ill-health application will be reviewed under both scheme rules if you’re a member who:

  • Is affected by Transitional Protection, and
  • Has service in the remedy period (1 April 2015 – 31 March 2022), and
  • Has met the eligibility criteria for assessment under both schemes, and
  • Has either previously applied for Ill-health retirement or are planning to apply for retirement on the grounds of ill-health.

We’ve created an eligibility criteria factsheet for Ill-health retirement (This link opens in a new window) to help you understand if you’re affected.

If you’ve previously applied, we’ll contact you to inform you of the steps we need to take to complete your Ill-health assessment under the alternative scheme. Once completed, we’ll then be able to provide you with your Remediable Service Statement (RSS).

If you’re planning to apply for Ill-health retirement, please complete the usual application process. If you’re eligible we’ll complete your medical assessment in line with this, and you’ll be notified of the outcome and the next steps.

More information on Ill-health retirement and eligibility criteria for assessment under both schemes can be found on our website.

Last Updated: 01/11/2023 15:42


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