MDC as a Payroll Provider

In the first instance we recommend that any payroll provider or software supplier interested in providing a solution for MDC, contacts our on-boarding team. View our contact options for further details.

Our team is here to help you with any questions you might have when designing and building your MDC solution.

Once you have an MDC Solution

As a payroll provider or software provider, you’ll need to complete the delegation form and return this to Teachers’ Pensions. Within the form, you’ll need to provide details of the employers in which you provide payroll services for. This includes the name of the establishment/authority and their LA and Establishment number. You should ensure that each employer has delegated you permission to provide details on their behalf.

Once the delegation form has been submitted, we’ll allocate you with your own reference number, similar to an LA and Establishment number. This will be a 7 digit number, always beginning with 750 (for example 750/4005).

You’ll be given a new data centre within the Employer Portal with the same 750/0000 number. All MDC files for the payroll provider/software supplier should be uploaded to this data centre.

When completing MDC files, the file name and file header (details on how these are constructed can be found within the Guidance and Error Codes document (PDF, 603 KB) (This link opens in a new window)) must always contain your allocated payroll provider/software supplier number (750). Each individual service line within the file however, must contain the individual employer name.

As an example, a payroll provider may be allocated the number 750/4005. This provider offers services for three separate establishments:

  • 601/7001 – Oak Tree Academy
  • 608/4005 – St Johns College
  • 401/5006 – City University

The file name and header will read as follows (for the month of April 2016):

  • MSR75040050420161 – File Name
  • MSRM7504005042016 – File Header

The individual service lines within the file will still show the school numbers – 601/7001, 608/4005 and 401/5006.

You must ensure that you contact us if you take on a new employer or an employer leaves your services.

Last Updated: 30/08/2023 09:09


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